Today: Jul 20, 2024

Lexis+ AI: Unleash the Power of Quality Data

6 months ago

TLDR: LexisNexis has been at the forefront of the legal tech space, and its recent launch of Lexis+ AI showcases how AI will forever change the way legal work is done.

– Lexis+ AI tackles several core use cases for AI in the legal workplace, such as legal research and drafting.
– Lexis+ AI utilizes several large language models (LLMs), including OpenAI’s GPT-4, automatically selecting which LLM is best suited to the task.
– LexisNexis has “unparalleled access” to legal data and a wealth of experience in managing that data.
– LexisNexis has taken steps to help future lawyers become familiar with the functions and ethics of AI in the legal industry, giving free Lexis+ AI access to students at ABA-accredited law schools.

A leader behind Lexis+ AI, Jake Nelson, Senior Product Manager at LexisNexis, spoke about Lexis+ AI’s role in transforming the legal industry. Lexis+ AI was launched in October 2023 and offers an AI-powered solution for legal research and drafting. It utilizes large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT-4 to automatically select the best language model for the task at hand. One of the key advantages of Lexis+ AI is LexisNexis’ unparalleled access to legal data, making it the most comprehensive and exclusive data collection in the market. The high quantity and quality of data used to train the LLMs allow Lexis+ AI to provide accurate and valuable legal insights.

Laying a strong foundation and embracing new technology are important factors for success. Nelson explained that LexisNexis focuses on laying a strong foundation with familiar technology before integrating new technology like generative AI. This approach ensures that new technology is utilized effectively and maintains the security and privacy required in the legal industry.

In terms of future improvements, Nelson sees significant opportunities for Lexis+ AI to expand its capabilities. The focus is on establishing a strong foundation and building on it to offer more comprehensive drafting capabilities. LexisNexis is also taking steps to help future lawyers become familiar with AI in the legal industry by offering free access to Lexis+ AI to students at ABA-accredited law schools. This demonstrates LexisNexis’ commitment to teaching the use of AI to the next generation of legal professionals.

Lexis+ AI showcases how AI and machine learning will change the legal industry. With its comprehensive and exclusive legal data, LexisNexis is at the forefront of AI development for the legal market.