Today: Apr 17, 2024

Levidian wins award for groundbreaking decarbonisation technology.

1 month ago


  • Levidian wins DNV award for its LOOP technology, which captures carbon from methane gas to produce clean hydrogen and Net Zero graphene.
  • The company is focused on developing the LOOP1000 unit to scale up decarbonisation efforts in industry sectors like steel and petrochemicals.

In a recent development, UK-based cleantech firm Levidian has been awarded a Statement of Feasibility for its innovative LOOP technology by DNV, an independent energy expert. The LOOP devices created by Levidian capture carbon from methane gas, providing a new pathway for producing clean hydrogen and high-performance Net Zero graphene, which finds applications across various industries including steel, batteries, and petrochemicals. Alistair Donaldson, the Chief Technology Officer at Levidian, expressed excitement about this achievement, highlighting the company’s commitment to decarbonising challenging sectors on a global scale.

With an impressive global portfolio of patents, Levidian is now working on developing its largest unit to date, the LOOP1000, which will enable industrial-scale decarbonisation efforts. CEO John Hartley emphasized the company’s focus on scaling up operations to produce hydrogen and graphene at unprecedented levels. By following DNV’s structured framework for technology qualifications, Levidian aims to enhance its technology readiness, minimize risks, and ensure successful deployment of its decarbonisation solutions.

The global industrial gas and equipment sector plays a crucial role in the transition towards clean fuels and decarbonisation. Levidian’s innovative technology showcases the potential for addressing challenging emissions in sectors like steel and petrochemicals. As the company continues to optimize and scale its operations, the development of the LOOP1000 unit represents a significant milestone in its decarbonisation journey. Stay updated for further developments in the field of cleantech and sustainable energy solutions.