Today: Apr 16, 2024

Leeds firm hires ex-Arm CTO to fuel deep-tech innovation.

3 months ago

TLDR: Leeds deep-tech firm Optalysys has appointed Dipesh Patel, former CTO of Arm, to its board. The appointment comes as Optalysys prepares for the next phase of technology development, following a successful £21m ($27m) series A fundraise in 2023. Patel, who has 25 years of experience at Arm, will bring his expertise in developing and bringing new technologies to market to Optalysys.

The Leeds-based company uses silicon photonics technology, which utilises light rather than electricity to perform calculations. Patel said the work Optalysys is doing has the potential to change the way data is used globally and bring an end to data vulnerability. Optalysys CEO Nick New praised Patel’s experience and said the company is looking forward to working with him.