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6 months ago

TechCrunch, a part of Yahoo’s brand family, has revealed on its website that in order to provide its services, it will be using Cookies along with several other similar technologies such as web storage. The software allows the operators of websites and apps to store and read the information from the user’s device. It is mutually beneficial for users as it helps authenticate them, prevent spam and abuse, apply security measures and measure user interactions with the website or application.

  • TechCrunch uses cookies to provide seamless service to the users and protect them from spam and abuse, while measuring their usage.
  • If users click ‘Accept all’, TechCrunch and its partners including 241 who are part of the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework, will also use cookies and personal data such as IP address, location, and browsing data to display personalised ads and measure the effectiveness of those ads.
  • Users have the right to ‘Reject All’ or ‘Manage Privacy Settings’ according to their comfort level. Changes can be made at any time to these choices.
  • Details about data usage can be found in TechCrunch’s privacy policy and cookie policy.

In the event that users click on ‘Accept all’, TechCrunch along with its partners, will use the cookies and personal data to display personalised ads, content based on interest profiles, measure the effectiveness of these ads, and to productively develop and improve their products and services. However, the users who do not wish to use cookies and provide their personal data for additional purposes have the liberty to select the ‘Reject all’ option.

For anyone wishing to customize their choices, an option of ‘Manage privacy settings’ is available. Users also have the freedom to change these choices at any given moment via the ‘Privacy & cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy dashboard’ links available on their websites and apps. TechCrunch is committed to keeping its users informed and has provided complete details about how they use personal data in their privacy policy and cookie policy.