Today: Jul 22, 2024

Kiilto Ventures invests in Swedish startup with sustainable construction boards.

7 months ago

Key Points:

  • Swedish startup RECOMA recycles packaging waste to create low-carbon, fully circular construction boards.
  • The boards can replace traditional materials without extra cost or effort for builders.
  • In 2023, RECOMA recycled 1,000 tonnes of waste, and this investment will allow them to recycle 7,000 tonnes annually starting in 2024.

RECOMA, a Swedish startup, has received an investment from Kiilto Ventures, enabling them to recycle 7,000 tonnes of waste annually starting in 2024. RECOMA specializes in creating 100% recycled construction boards from packaging waste, which can be used as a sustainable alternative to traditional materials like plywood, drywall, and oriented strand board (OSB). The innovative process developed by RECOMA sterilizes and shreds packaging waste before it is pressed into durable boards under high heat.

One of the main challenges with packaging waste is that it is difficult to recycle, with only a small portion of it typically being used in new content. The rest often ends up being incinerated. RECOMA’s process allows for the recycling and remanufacturing of single-use items into durable construction boards, while emitting 80-90% less carbon compared to traditional wood-based or gypsum boards.

The investment from Kiilto Ventures will significantly increase RECOMA’s recycling capacity. In 2023, the company recycled around 1,000 tonnes of waste, and with this investment, they will be able to recycle 7,000 tonnes annually starting in 2024. This expansion will contribute to reducing landfill waste and promoting a more circular economy in the construction industry.

Notable early adopters of RECOMA’s boards include construction companies Skanska and Tetra Pak, who are using the sustainable alternative to meet their environmental targets. By using RECOMA’s boards, builders can achieve their sustainability goals without incurring extra costs or additional effort.

The investment from Kiilto Ventures aligns with their focus on investing in and building startups that contribute to future-proofing the built environment and regenerating nature. By supporting innovative solutions like RECOMA, Kiilto Ventures aims to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility in the construction industry.