Today: Apr 17, 2024

Jeff Bezos, NVIDIA fueling AI power of Perplexity, a startup!

3 months ago


Perplexity, an AI startup, has raised $73.6 million in Series B funding, with investments from Jeff Bezos and NVIDIA. The company offers a service that allows users to search the internet using large language models, providing more natural-sounding questions and compiling answers based on the latest information. Perplexity aims to make AI-powered search more accurate and transparent, eliminating the need for users to click on multiple links and compare answers.

Jeff Bezos and NVIDIA Back AI Startup Perplexity

AI startup Perplexity has secured $73.6m in Series B funding, with contributions from Jeff Bezos and NVIDIA, among others. The funding follows an earlier Series A funding round, bringing the total raised by the company to $100m. Perplexity offers a search service that uses large language models to provide more natural-sounding questions and compile answers based on the latest information. Users can refine their searches using the Focus button to specify their desired source of information, such as academic papers or YouTube.

Building an Efficient and Transparent Search Experience

Perplexity’s CEO, Aravind Srinivas, explained that the company aims to offer users an instant and reliable way to find answers to their questions without having to sift through multiple web pages. The company’s search tools provide complete sources and citations for each answer, ensuring accuracy and transparency. According to Srinivas, Perplexity’s approach eliminates the need for users to click on different links, compare answers, or search for information extensively. The company believes that its search technology will drive accelerated learning and research by making information consumption and sharing more efficient.

Bezos Expeditions Support for Perplexity

The fact that the Bezos Expeditions Fund has invested in Perplexity is noteworthy, as it suggests that Bezos and the fund see potential in the company’s search-oriented tool. By providing more accurate and transparent search results, Perplexity may be positioned to challenge established search engines like Google and Bing. With the addition of funding from NVIDIA, Perplexity also has the potential to leverage NVIDIA’s expertise in AI and machine learning to enhance its search capabilities.


Perplexity’s recent funding round, with investments from Jeff Bezos and NVIDIA, highlights the potential of the AI startup’s search tool. By offering a more efficient, accurate, and transparent search experience, Perplexity has the opportunity to disrupt the search engine market dominated by Google and Bing. With the support of investors like Bezos and NVIDIA, the company can further develop its technology and potentially change the way people access and consume information online.