Today: Apr 17, 2024

Israeli Startup Lights Up Spain with Clean Energy Storage

4 months ago

An Israeli start-up, Brenmiller Energy, is set to contribute to the decarbonization of Spain’s electricity grid through a new agreement. The company stores renewable energy by heating crushed rocks with steam produced from boiling water with solar panel-generated electricity.

  • Brenmiller Energy’s thermal energy storage system will be integrated into the new green energy facilities of the SolWinHy Project in Spain.
  • The SolWinHy Project aims to decarbonize the European Union’s industrial, power generation and transportation sectors through green energy projects.
  • The first green facility of SolWinHy in Arcos de la Frontera, Spain, will produce 30,000 tons of green e-methanol per year, a low-carbon liquid alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Brenmiller Energy will be able to store at least 55 MWh of renewable energy produced by the new facility.
  • The project is being run by SolWinHy Cadiz, a company jointly owned by Green Enesys Group and Viridi RE, two European developers of green energy projects.

“We are pleased to see our initial MoU with Green Enesys and Viridi come to fruition with this specific SolWinHy Project that has already completed the key feasibility and proof-of-concept milestones,” Brenmiller’s Chairman and CEO, Avi Brenmiller, said. Avi Brenmiller added, “Green e-methanol has great potential to replace fossil fuels in heavy carbon emitting industries.”

The team is working diligently to complete the engineering design, which will precede the financing phase of the joint project led by Green Enesys and Viridi.