Today: Apr 17, 2024

Is AI superior to humans in conflict resolution?

2 months ago


  • AI is being used in conflict mediation to revolutionize the peace and mediation process.
  • Digital technologies, such as AI, GIS, VR, and machine learning, are proving effective in complex diplomacy.

Diplomats have traditionally relied on human skills for conflict mediation, but now experts are exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist in the process. Companies like Hala System are using AI and data analysis to gather intelligence in conflict zones. The Web Summit in Doha discussed how digital solutions have been effective in diplomacy, such as using Skype for negotiations during COVID-19 restrictions. Stephanie Williams from the UN utilized a hybrid model of personal and digital interactions for mediation efforts in Libya, reaching one million people. Technologies like GIS and VR are also being used to monitor ceasefire agreements and provide diplomats with a deeper understanding of crises. However, the use of AI in conflict mediation comes with challenges, such as biases in the technology and the need for authentication of information. Despite the rise of digital technologies in peacemaking, the human element remains crucial in the mediation process.