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Illuminate 2.0 shines light on technological frontiers

2 months ago


  • ‘Illuminate 2.0’ event in Mysuru highlighted insights and perspectives from the world of technology, innovation, and engineering excellence.
  • Speakers included industry leaders like K.S. Ramesh and A. Thiagarajan who shared their experiences.

‘The Hindu’ article covers the ‘Illuminate 2.0’ event organized by L&T Technology Services Limited and the National Institute of Engineering (NIE) in Mysuru. The event brought together industry leaders and innovators to share insights from the technology, innovation, and engineering sectors. Speakers at the event included K.S. Ramesh from Ather Energy and A. Thiagarajan from L&T Construction, who shared experiences and perspectives with the audience.

One of the key highlights of the event was Mr. Ramesh’s emphasis on the impact and sustainability benefits of electric vehicles, stressing their potential to revolutionize the global mobility industry. Mr. Thiagarajan shared insights into the design and construction of the Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue, showcasing the transformative technologies and initiatives adopted during its construction.

The event also featured interactive sessions moderated by Rajeev Gupta from L&T Technology Services Limited, where speakers discussed the role of engineering in driving growth while maintaining performance, quality, and reliability. The audience, comprising scientists, engineers, industry leaders, government dignitaries, academia, and students, engaged in discussions on pursuing passion and innovation in engineering.

Overall, ‘Illuminate 2.0’ aimed to promote excellence and innovation among young engineers and aspiring technologists, inspiring them to contribute to India’s growth story. The event provided a platform for meaningful engagements around the role of science and engineering in society, offering students a firsthand account of ingenuity and innovation shaping the country’s technological landscape.