Today: Apr 23, 2024

Human trafficking worsened by technology in Mangaluru, according to report.

2 months ago

Human Trafficking Problems Exacerbated Due to Technology


  • Dr. P M Nair highlighted the negative impact of technology on human trafficking, but also mentioned positive examples like Mizoram’s Cyberdome.
  • The workshop emphasized the importance of laws like the POCSO Act 2012 and the role of social work students in helping trafficked individuals.

Dr. P M Nair, former director general of Police, NDRF, addressed the worsening human trafficking problem due to technology during a workshop on “Voice for Changes: Uniting to Restore Human Dignity.” He emphasized how traffickers are exploiting victims, especially children, using the internet, but also highlighted examples like Mizoram’s Cyberdome as a positive use of technology in combating trafficking.

The workshop focused on the importance of laws like the POCSO Act 2012 in preventing and punishing trafficking. Dr. Nair discussed the need to find a balance between addressing the negative impacts of technology and utilizing innovative technological solutions to fight against human trafficking.

Other speakers at the workshop, such as Professor Paul G Aquinas and Police Inspector Gururaj, shared their experiences and insights on human trafficking and the challenges faced in handling cases. The event also saw the signing of an MoU between the School of Social Work and Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra for academic collaboration.

Vice-Principal Jenis Mary emphasized the importance of providing support to children in need of care and protection, while other dignitaries and faculty members discussed the efforts being made to combat human trafficking at various levels. Overall, the workshop shed light on the complexities of human trafficking exacerbated by technology and the collective efforts needed to address this pressing issue.