Today: Apr 16, 2024

Houston startup secures $2.5M, closes SPAC deal in trending innovation!

4 months ago

Here’s a summary of the key elements from this article:

  • A Houston-based nonprofit accelerator called BioWell has secured a grant of $741,925 to support bioindustrial startups. This grant was part of the “Build to Scale” Grant program established by the U.S. Economic Development Administration.
  • Special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) SportsMap Tech Acquisition Corp. has completed its acquisition of Infrared Cameras Holdings Inc., a company specializing in thermal imaging and sensing platform technology.
  • Digital Wildcatters, a Houston startup focused on cultivating the future workforce of the energy industry, has raised $2.5 million in seed funding. This funding will help the company empower the evolving energy workforce.
  • Four professors from the University of Houston and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have been admitted as fellows to the National Academy of Inventors. This honor recognizes their contributions as academic inventors.
  • The Greater Houston Partnership has announced organizational changes under its new president and CEO, Steve Kean. Kean has made several promotions within the organization’s executive suite.

These news stories highlight the continued growth and innovation happening in Houston, particularly within the tech and startup sectors. The funding secured by BioWell and Digital Wildcatters will support the development and scaling of bioindustrial and energy startups, respectively. The completion of the SPAC deal between SportsMap Tech Acquisition Corp. and Infrared Cameras Holdings Inc. demonstrates the potential for investment and growth in high-tech monitoring devices. Additionally, the recognition of academic inventors by the National Academy of Inventors highlights the research and innovation happening at the University of Houston and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The organizational changes at the Greater Houston Partnership show a commitment to continued growth and success under new leadership. Overall, these stories showcase the vibrant and dynamic innovation ecosystem in Houston.