Today: Jul 20, 2024

Glowforge trims team to shape the future of 3D engraving.

7 months ago

Glowforge, a Seattle-based company that manufactures 3D laser engravers, has laid off 30 employees as it prepares for future opportunities, according to co-founder and CEO Dan Shapiro. The specific reasons for the layoffs were not disclosed, nor was an updated headcount provided. As of July, the company had a staff of 145. The affected employees have been offered outplacement support, severance pay, visa assistance and a year’s worth of medical coverage. Glowforge also initiated an opt-in list for affected workers, encouraging other companies to contact them for potential employment opportunities.

Shapiro, along with Mark Gosselin and Tony Wright, founded Glowforge in 2015. Shapiro’s previous ventures include Sparkbuy, a startup sold to Google, and Robot Turtles, a coding board game for children that was highly successful on Kickstarter. Glowforge raised $20 million during an extended Series E fundraising round in May, bringing its total funding to $135 million.

Earlier this year, Glowforge introduced a new product, a lower-priced machine called Aura, intended to make home crafting more accessible to a broader consumer base. Although the company is undergoing a workforce reduction, it reportedly has “big plans” for 2024. Glowforge did not provide further information regarding these plans or details about its future growth strategies.

With a significant presence in Seattle’s thriving tech sector, Glowforge’s recent decision to downsize may be indicative of changes in the market. As the company moves forward, its ability to adapt and innovate will likely play a crucial role in its continued success.