Today: Jul 20, 2024

Get Hands-On with Prosthetic Sensory Technology for Effective Rehab Results.

5 months ago


  • New prosthetic sensory technology allows amputees to feel real-time temperature sensations.
  • A personalized system called MiniTouch was developed by Dr. Muheim and colleagues to stimulate residual arm nerves and produce artificial temperature haptics from a prosthetic hand.

William A. Haseltine discusses the advancement in applying prosthetic sensory technology in rehabilitation. This technology allows amputees to experience real-time temperature sensations through a haptic system. The MiniTouch system, developed by Dr. Muheim and colleagues, integrates thermal maps to stimulate the residual arm, enabling amputees to feel temperature differences when touching objects with their prosthetic hand. The system was tested for temperature discrimination, material discrimination, and bodily contact, showing promising results. What sets MiniTouch apart is its significant integration upside and emotional impact, allowing amputees to regain a sense of touch and connect emotionally through physical interactions. The ultimate goal of regenerative medicine is to restore health and wellness, making advancements like MiniTouch crucial in the field of prosthetic development.