Today: Apr 23, 2024

Georgia Tech celebrates partnership with Carter Center for tech fellowship.

2 months ago


  • The Carter Center and Georgia Tech have established a new joint fellowship for Governance and Technology.
  • The first fellow for the program is Daniel Nkemelu from Nigeria, who will research the intersection of technology and democratic governance.

Georgia Tech and The Carter Center have announced a new partnership to commemorate the establishment of a joint fellowship for Governance and Technology. The first fellow for this program is Daniel Nkemelu, a doctoral candidate from Nigeria. Nkemelu will be working closely with the Carter Center’s Democracy Program director, a data scientist, and members of the center’s digital threats to democracy initiative to research how technology and democratic governance intersect.

The partnership, which began in January, aims to advance Nkemelu’s research agenda and provide access to experts in democratic elections and participatory democracy. Through this fellowship, Nkemelu will be able to connect the Carter Center’s Democracy Program with Georgia Tech’s Institute for People and Technology research, exploring the impact of technologies such as social media platforms and computer-based voting machines on democracies worldwide.

Carter Center CEO Paige Alexander expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the crucial relationship between technology and democracy. Georgia Tech President Ángel Cabrera also emphasized the importance of promoting secure technologies that reinforce democratic principles. The collaboration between the two institutions signals a shared commitment to supporting strong democracies through the use of secure technologies.

In conclusion, the new joint fellowship between The Carter Center and Georgia Tech represents an innovative initiative to explore the impact of technology on democratic governance and advance research in this critical area.