Today: Apr 17, 2024

GEA Funneling $20 Million into Wisconsin’s Protein Innovation at Alt Tech Hub

2 months ago

GEA, an engineering systems company, is investing $20 million in a technology center focused on alternative proteins in Wisconsin. The facility, located on the GEA Campus in Janesville, will specialize in piloting microbial, cell-based, and plant-based food technologies. The center aims to bridge the gap in the market for industrial-scale production of alternative proteins and support the industry’s anticipated growth. The construction is set to begin in spring 2024, with an anticipated opening in 2025. GEA’s investment in Janesville follows the successful launch of an alternative protein pilot center in Germany.

The Janesville technology center will facilitate the scaling and testing processes for alternative protein manufacturers. GEA’s North American new food business leader, Arpad Csay, stated that the majority of new food companies and investments in alternative proteins are located in North America, highlighting the need for scaling facilities like the one in Janesville. In addition to process testing and validation, GEA plans to offer training programs in biotechnology expertise within the facility. The technology center is part of GEA’s broader strategy to promote knowledge sharing and innovation in new food technologies.

The investment in the technology center is a response to the growing demand for alternative proteins and the need for large-scale production capabilities. Last year, a GEA survey revealed that chefs expect a quarter of meals to incorporate alternative proteins by 2040. The center aims to help manufacturers overcome scaling challenges and accelerate the growth of the industry by providing testing and scaling facilities without the need for significant capital investment in infrastructure.