Today: Jun 14, 2024

From TED Talks to The Prism Club: Aditya’s Startup Investment Journey

6 months ago

Bullet points:

  • Aditya S Kapoor is the founder of Startup Capital, a venture studio based in India
  • He has gained recognition through TED talks and is passionate about innovation

Aditya’s portfolio includes investments in startups such as The Prism Club, First Cause Media, Drivesme, and Int 360 Studio

In an interview, Aditya discusses his approach to startup investing and the qualities he looks for in ventures

He emphasizes the importance of disruptive potential, innovative ideas, and a clear vision for significant change

Aditya is drawn to startups that think outside the box and redefine the box itself

He sees The Prism Club as a standout investment, shaping the future of social platforms for Gen Z

Aditya advises new investors to focus on emerging trends in angel investing and Web3 technologies

He also advises early-stage founders to seek investors aligned with their vision and to build a supportive founder community

Aditya’s journey is rooted in the innovation ecosystem and a pursuit of the next big idea

He continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of startups and investments, shaping the future and empowering the next generation