Today: Apr 16, 2024

Founders and CEOs: we’re human too, let’s not forget!

4 months ago

Asaf Yanai, the co-founder and CEO of, recently appeared on the podcast Real Life Superpowers to discuss managing a startup during a crisis and learning from mistakes. He emphasized that founders and CEOs are also humans who feel the same emotions and difficulties as their employees. Yanai believes that the job of a founder or CEO during a crisis is even more challenging because they must balance their own needs with the needs of the business.

Yanai has a track record of turning ideas into reality, with being his third company after successfully selling two previous tech startups. He discussed various topics during the podcast episode, including managing a startup during a crisis, analyzing video content for fake news and intelligence, growing up as the son of two entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, family, motivation, learning from mistakes, and personal growth.

The podcast hosts, Noa Eshed and Ronen Menipaz, bring their own expertise and perspectives to the conversation. Eshed is recognized as a thought leader and has authored a best-selling book on Google Adwords. She is also the co-founder of Israel’s only national magazine for students. Menipaz is an investor, entrepreneur, and tech advisor with 25 years of entrepreneurial experience and involvement with over 100 startups.

Overall, the podcast episode provides valuable insights into the challenges and experiences faced by founders and CEOs, highlighting the importance of balancing personal and business needs during a crisis.