Today: Jun 14, 2024

Firms embrace 5G revolution.

4 months ago


  • Enterprises are shifting to 5G technology over traditional wireline solutions.
  • Wireless technology, especially 5G, is providing unparalleled flexibility in corporate connectivity.

According to a recent statement by GlobalData, enterprises are increasingly moving towards 5G technology as it outpaces traditional wireline solutions. The availability of 5G, along with advancements in security capabilities, is driving businesses to prioritize a mobile-first approach. This shift is set to redefine corporate connectivity, offering increased flexibility in a mobile-centric world. While wireless technology has typically been seen as a backup to wireline networks, the deployment of standalone 5G is revolutionizing bandwidth and programmability in wireless access networks. Network operators and industry groups are focusing on innovation to make wireless options more attractive to enterprises and developers.

However, security remains a key concern in adopting wireless technology. GlobalData’s Research Director, Gary Barton, highlighted the importance of securing data accessed through mobile devices, as human error is a significant source of cybersecurity breaches. Technologies like SASE, SSE, and SD-WAN are being developed to enhance security over mobile connections, indicating a shift towards wireless replacing wireline networks as corporate requirements evolve.

The rise of mobile-first generations in the workplace and a workforce centered on mobile devices present opportunities to increase productivity and provide a preferred working experience for employees. Partnerships like Verizon’s collaboration with Vonage demonstrate the ongoing potential of wireless technology and APIs in the corporate setting.

In conclusion, the adoption of 5G technology represents a significant transformation in corporate network infrastructure, offering increased flexibility and security in a mobile-driven world.