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Beginning with a clear and concise summary, this article reveals that TechCrunch is now a part of the Yahoo family of brands, which includes the likes of Yahoo and AOL, alongside Yahoo Advertising. TechCrunch, along with the other sites and apps in the family, uses cookies for various purposes such as providing their services, authenticating users, applying security measures, and collecting valuable data about user activities.

  • TechCrunch is included in the Yahoo family of brands which also features Yahoo, AOL, and Yahoo Advertising.
  • All websites and apps under this umbrella employ cookies to enhance user experience and ensure security.

In addition to these basic functionalities, once users click on ‘Accept all’, TechCrunch, and its partners, will use cookies as well as personal data (IP address, precise location, browsing and search data) for various other tasks. These tasks include displaying personalised ads and content, measuring the effectiveness of these personalised elements, and working on the development and improvement of their products and services.

  • Upon choosing ‘Accept all’, user’s personal data is used to create personalized ads and content and to measure their effectiveness.
  • Data is also used for development and improvement of products and services.

If users don’t wish for their data to be used for these additional purposes, they have the option to click on ‘Reject all’. Furthermore, users are given the power to customize their choices by clicking on ‘Manage privacy settings’. At any given time, users can change their choices and preferences by clicking on the ‘Privacy & cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy dashboard’ links on the specific websites and apps.

  • Users can also choose ‘Reject All’ to disable the utilization of their personal data for additional purposes.
  • Customization of privacy settings is available to control how much data is shared.
    • More information on the usage of personal data can be found on their privacy policy and cookie policy provided on all sites and apps. Ultimately, TechCrunch and the Yahoo family of brands are committed to providing transparency and customization concerning user privacy and data.