Today: Jul 22, 2024

“Dutch startup Vi empowers women through menopause with funding boost.”

6 months ago

Dutch startup Vi has raised funding from Dutch financial services company NN Group to support working women through menopause. Vi aims to assist the 1.8 million working women in the Netherlands experiencing menopause as about 90% of them feel lost with questions and symptoms. Vi’s app provides support, information, and connections to qualified experts. The startup also offers workshops for employers and employees to educate and raise awareness about menopause. Vi was developed by NN Ventures, the corporate venture builder of NN Group, and has become an independent platform accessible to employers and employees since January 2024.

The lack of open discussion about menopause has led to a dearth of knowledge and awareness, and Vi aims to change this by tackling the taboos surrounding menopause. The startup aims to bring understanding and awareness about menopause through personalized and data-driven insights. Each woman can examine her own situation and receive advice that suits her. Vi aims to minimize the potential impact of menopause on women’s lives and careers by facilitating access to proper care.