Today: Jul 22, 2024

Driving, but make it positive.

7 months ago

Sorry Thanks Car Sign is a startup that aims to promote positive interaction on the road and eliminate the dangers of aggressive driving. The company has developed an innovative LED car sign that allows drivers to display the words “SORRY” to apologize and “THANKS” to show gratitude. By promoting effective communication between drivers, the startup believes that roads can become safer and more harmonious, minimizing frustration and promoting understanding.

The company, founded by Jhon Mulim in 2023, is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness and funds for its product. Mulim, a first-generation Indonesian immigrant, has over 15 years of experience living, studying, and working in the US. Having worked in various roles in the restaurant business, Mulim embraces challenges with the philosophy of “At least you try”. Now, with Sorry Thanks Car Sign, he aims to create a product that reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and makes roads friendlier and safer.

Sorry Thanks Car Sign aspires to appear on the show Shark Tank, as it sees the platform as an opportunity to showcase its product and gain valuable exposure. Mulim has been a dedicated fan of the show since its inception in 2009 and is determined to try and make it onto the show, understanding the challenges but embodying the spirit of pushing.

Looking ahead, Sorry Thanks Car Sign hopes to leverage its Kickstarter campaign to generate excitement about the product. The company believes that feedback, whether positive or negative, is crucial for its growth. The ultimate goal is for the product to be successful and for Mulim to proudly say that he owns a company, starting with the innovative Sorry Thanks Car Sign. Mulim envisions a future where his product contributes to safer roads and symbolizes successful entrepreneurship.