Today: Jul 20, 2024

Disney Prodigy Ben Sherwood Deals Mojo in Pioneering Tech-Takeover

7 months ago
  • Mojo, the youth sports technology company established by former Disney TV chief Ben Sherwood, has been purchased by youth sports software firm TeamSnap.
  • With this acquisition, Sherwood expects to leverage his connections in the media industry to continue the growth of the firm.
  • The platform includes a subscription that includes live and on-demand streaming for games, player profiles, and other features.

Former Disney Television chief, Ben Sherwood, has sold his youth sports tech startup Mojo to TeamSnap. It was established with the aim of empowering parents to coach their children. As a startup, Mojo has created premium content with professional leagues and put significant investment into technology for a seamless streaming experience. Sherwood sees TeamSnap, which boasts 25 million registered users and 2 million daily active users, as a key asset in scaling his own firm’s offering.

According to Sherwood, one of the most exciting aspects of the merger is the possibility to “start doing some pretty exciting things with all kinds of partners across the media landscape”. He considers the acquisition to be particularly beneficial for TeamSnap’s current business to business (B2B) structure. Sherwood stated that “The Mojo play is really a B2C move… in the business I was in, we’d call that DTC, direct to consumer. So that’s where Mojo comes in.”

It presents live and on-demand streaming of games, player profiles, and other subscription features for subscribers. In addition to the services for teams and leagues, Sherwood has also focused on original content, including multi-million dollar premium content produced with professional leagues. The goal being to provide a technology offering that can compete with established streaming entities such as Netflix and ESPN+.

Sherwood, in his new role as a board member of TeamSnap, used his startup Mojo to coach his son’s soccer team and now his son is a Division 1 college soccer player. 13 years on from using TeamSnap to coach his son’s first game, and Mojo is now owned by the company that helped get it all started.