Today: Apr 17, 2024

Discover how companies can navigate automation and the evolving workforce.

2 months ago


  • The manufacturing sector is on the brink of a transformative revolution with advancements in AI and robotics.
  • Integrating AI and robotics can enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety in manufacturing.

As machine learning algorithms and robotics develop rapidly, the manufacturing industry is facing significant changes. In a recent podcast episode of Getting Smart, Brandon Pfluger, Automation & Manufacturing Lead at MarketScale, discusses the future of intelligent manufacturing with industry leaders. The conversation revolves around recent advancements in AI and robotics, challenges and opportunities with automation, and the role of digital twinning in process optimization.

The episode features insights from Wesley Garrett of FANUC America, Chris Lingamfelter of Robot Advisors, and Davide Pascucci of Bright IA. Wesley Garrett emphasizes the efficiency and consistency robots bring to manufacturing processes, while Chris Lingamfelter focuses on implementing robotic solutions. Davide Pascucci showcases the practical applications of AI in manufacturing.

The discussion highlights the need for companies to balance rapid adoption of automation technologies with the development and retention of a skilled workforce. By leveraging AI and robotics, businesses can enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety in manufacturing processes. The future of intelligent manufacturing requires companies to navigate the evolving landscape of automation and workforce development effectively.