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Discover essential tech needed for Indo-Pacific on Emerging Technology Horizons.

4 months ago

TLDR: Key Points

  • The Defense Department needs to prioritize emerging technologies in the Indo-Pacific region to prevent potential invasion by China.
  • Hypersonic weapons, electromagnetic spectrum domination, directed energy weapons, integration tools, and logistical support are crucial for military success in the region.

In the article “Emerging Technology Horizons: The Emerging Tech Needed in Indo-Pacific”, Wilson Miles and Jacob Winn discuss the importance of incorporating emerging technologies to address operational and logistical challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. To prevent a potential invasion of Taiwan by China, the Defense Department must create an overwhelming advantage and mitigate urgent operational challenges. The article highlights key technologies that can support this goal:

Hypersonic Weapons

Fielding hypersonic weapons at scale can provide commanders with a capability to raise the costs of aggression by preventing overwhelming attacks on military facilities and infrastructure.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Domination

Leaders in the Indo-Pacific Command prioritize 5G and FutureG capabilities for joint communication and operation of manned or unmanned systems, ensuring resilience against sophisticated jamming techniques.

Directed Energy Weapons

These weapons offer a lower cost-per-shot and logistical burden for countering traditional and next-generation threats, enhancing the military’s defensive capabilities.

Integration Tools

New software integration tools enable legacy and new systems to work together effectively across domains, supporting joint fires and command-and-control missions.

Logistical Support

Resilient logistics and automation of sustainment operations with machine learning algorithms are crucial for successful operations in the Indo-Pacific region. Addressing resource constraints and understanding operational challenges will be key to achieving success.

Overall, integrating these emerging technologies across operational and logistical missions promises to make operations in the Indo-Pacific more effective, resilient, and coordinated. The Defense Department’s Joint Mission Accelerator Directorate aims to help synchronize technology acceleration efforts and support operational needs in the region.