Today: Jul 22, 2024

Design tech to surprise and delight: life’s a relationship.

6 months ago

At the recent Self Service Innovation Summit, Daniel Brown, editor at Digital Signage Today, interviewed Frank Anzures, product manager at Epson America Inc., about the trends and challenges in the self-service industry. Some key points discussed in the interview include:

  • New product launches, particularly in the digital signage space to attract shoppers back to brick-and-mortar stores
  • The importance of taking a holistic approach to business and technology, including embracing cooperation and competition
  • The industry’s ongoing recovery from the pandemic and supply chain challenges
  • The growing adoption of kiosks and self-service options across various industries
  • The increasing speed at which consumers are adopting technology
  • The need to debunk myths about consumer groups and make technology accessible and engaging for all users
  • The importance of sustainability and accessibility in industry development
  • The integration of hardware and software to create an intuitive customer experience
  • The future of consumer engagement with emerging technologies like VR and holograms
  • The importance of focusing on customer relationships and designing technology experiences that surprise and delight customers

This interview provides valuable insights into the self-service industry and the evolving needs and expectations of consumers. The discussion highlights the importance of staying ahead of technological advancements, understanding consumer behavior, and prioritizing customer relationships in the design process.