Today: Apr 23, 2024

Crust Club Startup sold to national Crumbl Cookies chain by couple

4 months ago

In a strategic move, husband and wife entrepreneurs Tyler and Valerie Kukahiko have sold their popular Crust Club business to national chain Crumbl Cookies. This sale has prompted the launch of their new startup, Peachie, a revolutionary concept in the recipe space. Crumbl Cookies recognized the potential of Crust Club and proposed acquiring the business under its franchise. Valerie Kukahiko remained a strategic partner with Crumbl during the transition, and now the couple is focused on launching Peachie, a platform that allows users to upload and organize their favorite recipes. Peachie offers custom, beautifully designed recipe binders made with specialized synthetic paper, providing a durable and practical solution for storing recipes. The official launch of Peachie is scheduled for February 2024.