Today: Apr 16, 2024

Chipotle backs Greenfield Robotics, a Cheney agritech startup revolutionizing agriculture.

4 months ago

Key Points:

  • Chipotle has invested $50 million in Greenfield Robotics, an agricultural startup based in Cheney, Kansas.
  • Greenfield Robotics manufactures robots that weed fields without the use of chemicals, helping to promote sustainable agriculture.
  • The investment will help Greenfield Robotics further develop its fleet of agricultural robots and expand their capabilities.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, the global food chain, has made a $50 million investment in Greenfield Robotics, an agricultural startup based in Cheney, Kansas. Greenfield Robotics manufactures small robots that are designed to weed fields without the use of chemicals. The robots navigate between rows of wheat, soy, and barley crops and cut into the soil to remove weeds, reducing the need for pesticides and manual labor.

Clint Brauer, the founder of Greenfield Robotics, expressed excitement about the investment, stating that Chipotle is advanced in its thinking about supply chains and sustainable practices. Chipotle has a strong focus on sustainable agriculture and believes that Greenfield Robotics can help further its mission.

The robots developed by Greenfield Robotics operate autonomously both during the day and at night, making them versatile and adaptable to farmers’ schedules. They are powered from outside the field and can be used in a variety of crops. The robots not only help reduce the need for chemicals but also offer cost efficiencies for farmers.

Chipotle’s investment will support Greenfield Robotics in expanding its fleet of agricultural robots and developing additional capabilities such as micro-spraying, cover crop planting, and soil testing. The investment is part of Chipotle’s broader plans to use artificial intelligence, robotics, and sensing technologies to make regenerative farming more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Greenfield Robotics is still working out the details of its mission with Chipotle, but Brauer is optimistic about the partnership and hopes to conduct trials in California and other locations. Both companies share a belief in the future of sustainably-raised food and are committed to promoting responsible farming practices.

In addition to its investment in Greenfield Robotics, Chipotle’s venture fund, Cultivate Next, has also invested in Nitricity, a California-based company that produces sustainable nitrogen fertilizer using renewable energy sources.

Overall, Chipotle’s investment in Greenfield Robotics highlights the growing importance of technology and automation in the agricultural industry. By leveraging robots and other innovative solutions, farmers can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainable practices.