Today: Jun 14, 2024

Bones healed fast: Ortho RI unveils groundbreaking tech for recovery

3 months ago


  • Ortho RI debuts new technology that can heal broken bones without a cast.
  • The procedure involves inserting a balloon with liquid gel into the broken bone and hardening it with blue light.

The creators of a new medical technology, IlluminOss, have developed a minimally invasive procedure that heals broken bones from the inside, avoiding the need for a cast. Using a balloon filled with liquid gel that hardens with a blue light source, the procedure stabilizes and glues the bone back together. This technology, approved by the FDA in 2019, has already been used in approximately 10,000 surgeries worldwide. Patients, particularly those 55 and older, experience quicker recovery times and improved quality of life, as seen in the case of Deborah Bathgate who fully recovered after the procedure. IlluminOss’s treatment also offers cost savings compared to traditional surgeries, making it a promising innovation in the field of orthopedics.