Today: Apr 23, 2024

Bitcoin Lab births BRC-20 LABB token, nurturing the BTC start-world.

4 months ago

Bitcoin Startup Lab has launched its community-based BRC-20 LABB token, designed to support BTC entrepreneurs. The total supply of LABB tokens is capped at 21 million, inspired by Bitcoin’s supply limit.

  • LABB tokens are intended to incentivize and support startups focused on Bitcoin.
  • The token aligns with the recent surge in interest surrounding Bitcoin-based BRC-20 tokens.
  • 60% of the LABB token supply is earmarked for the community, 20% for the Treasury, and the remaining 20% will be split evenly between investors and the core team.
  • LABB tokens will also serve as a foundational element for innovators transitioning to L2 smart contracts.
  • The initial release of the token will be available to eligible members meeting the Whitelist criteria.

Founder of Bitcoin Startup Lab, Albert Liang stated that their token represents a community of innovators on Bitcoin, aiming to create real value for its token holders in 2024 and beyond. The launch of their token is seen as crucial in their mission to empower Bitcoin startups in establishing a sustainable Bitcoin global economy.