Today: Apr 17, 2024

Bezos supports startup aiming big: Dethrone Google!

3 months ago


– Jeff Bezos and other tech investors have invested $74 million in Perplexity, a startup aiming to challenge Google’s dominance in internet searches.

– Perplexity hopes to compete against Google by providing direct answers to search queries, rather than a list of links.

– However, Perplexity faces challenges, as other big firms like Yahoo and Microsoft have struggled to gain market share from Google.

Jeff Bezos and a group of tech investors have invested $74 million in Perplexity, a startup that aims to challenge Google’s near-monopolistic hold over internet searches. This funding values Perplexity at more than half a billion dollars, representing a significant bet against one of the most consistently dominant firms in the tech industry. Perplexity is tapping into the boom in artificial intelligence, hoping that recent developments in AI will give it a credible path to compete with Google. Perplexity’s unique approach involves providing direct answers to search queries instead of a traditional list of links.

Perplexity’s CEO, Aravind Srinivas, believes that if the startup can directly answer people’s questions, there will be no need for the traditional search engine results page with ten blue links. However, Perplexity faces an uphill battle as other major firms such as Yahoo and Microsoft have tried and failed to capture significant market share from Google. Google currently controls about 90% of the search market.

Perplexity’s strategy relies heavily on AI, but it remains to be seen if its AI technology is advanced enough to outpace Google’s own AI efforts. While Perplexity’s funding from Bezos and other tech investors is significant, it may not be enough to diminish Google’s dominance and disrupt the search market.