Today: Jun 14, 2024

Bereaved dad ensures: A startup for each Israeli lost in battle.

5 months ago

Israeli entrepreneur Izhar Shay has launched Next October, a project that aims to establish a startup in memory of every Israeli killed in war since 2001. The initiative will support the growth of early-stage companies founded by Israelis, with the aim of creating a better world and commemorating the lives of the victims. Next October is seeking partners to provide mentorship, networking opportunities, office space, and potential investment for the startups. Already, around 150 companies, venture capitalists, and law firms have committed to supporting the project. The startups involved will be required to commit to doing good and maintain contact with the victims’ families.

Next October officially launched on 14 December 2023 and is partnered with RestartIL, a project aiming to restore the Israeli economy following the coronavirus pandemic. The project aims to integrate the stories and memories of the victims into the core of each startup, transforming the legacy of loss into a driver of global innovation and progress. Next October is in the process of matching startups with the families of the victims, with the intention of facilitating and tracking their relationship over time. The project is also planning to host events in the US and Europe to raise awareness and encourage networking.

The initiative not only aims to commemorate the lives of those killed but also to demonstrate that Israel is open for business, even during difficult times. Izhar Shay emphasised the importance of responding to evil with good and working towards creating a better world for future generations. Next October plans to provide credibility for its startups within the Israeli ecosystem and hopes that its logo will become recognisable. Although the project is not raising money, it aims to become a national project, with the goal of establishing the companies on the platform as valid investment opportunities.