Today: Apr 17, 2024

Amaha soars high with 50 Crore, empowered by Fireside Ventures.

3 months ago


  • Mental health startup Amaha raises over INR 50 crore in an extended Series A round of funding.
  • Fireside Ventures led the investment with INR 36.4 crore, with additional contributions from other strategic investors.

Mental health startup Amaha, formerly known as InnerHour, has secured a significant investment of over INR 50 crore in an extended Series A round. The funding was led by Fireside Ventures, which invested INR 36.4 crore, and other strategic investors contributed INR 15+ crore. Amaha aims to address the mental health treatment gap in India and provide accessible mental health care and support. The startup offers treatment and care for a range of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia, and addictions.

The organization was founded by psychiatrist and healthcare entrepreneur Dr. Amit Malik and social entrepreneur Neha Kirpal. Amaha has a team of over 150 mental health therapists and psychiatrists who provide services in 15+ languages through personal and group interventions. They operate in 600+ cities across India and conduct over 10,000 interventions per month. The funding infusion of INR 50+ Crore solidifies Amaha’s position as a leading mental healthcare provider in India and will support the company’s expansion plans.

Fireside Ventures, the lead investor in this round, focuses on companies that promote well-being. They believe that addressing mental health issues is a significant unmet need in India. Ankur Khaitan, Principal at Fireside Ventures, expressed confidence in Amaha’s ability to raise awareness and provide access to mental health care for a wider audience with their deep clinical expertise and unique business model combining digital and offline clinics.

The investment from Fireside Ventures will facilitate cross-sector collaborations and help Amaha mainstream mental health care. The startup aims to offer mental health access to individuals, families, and organizations across the country. With this funding, Amaha is positioned to further address the dynamic mental health challenges faced by the population in India.