Today: Jun 14, 2024

AI news startup impresses but indeed stirs the heebie-jeebies.

6 months ago
  • A new startup called Channel 1 is creating AI avatars to present news reports, demonstrating a strikingly believable simulation of human newscasters.
  • The AI avatars are based on real people who have given their consent for the use of their likeness, and uses sophisticated systems to mimic human delivery, expressions and mannerisms.
  • While the tech demo is impressive, concerns have been raised over potential misuse of the technology, such as dissemination of misinformation or dangerous propaganda.

Start-up news company, Channel 1, is utilizing AI technology in a unique format by creating AI avatars as news presenters. These AI avatars, based on real individuals who have provided consent for the use of their likeness, use advanced systems to reproduce human-like vocal delivery, expressions and mannerisms. The accuracy of the lip-syncing and gestures are sufficiently detailed to the point of originality which could be classified as “uncannily human-like”.

The high degree of authenticity in the simulated mannerisms and expressions of these AI avatars represent a significant achievement in AI technology development. For instance, evident in the video demo released by Channel 1, the AI can accurately translate and lip-sync a statement by a French resident into English, making it near impossible to identify the AI intervention unless explicitly stated.

While being sourced from primary sources like government documents, Channel 1’s news reports also plan to indicate which portions of the news are AI generated through an on-screen icon. However, despite these measures, the potential misuse of such advanced AI technology is a concern.

The remarkably accurate simulation of human behavior, as exhibited by these AI avatars, raises potential issues around the potential use of this technology for nefarious purposes, such as dissemination of misinformation or dangerous propaganda. As AI technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the ethical considerations become critical. Thus, while the Channel 1 AI avatars remain a notable technological feat, the possible implications and ethical dilemmas associated with such advancements cannot be ignored.