Today: Apr 16, 2024

AI Imperative: Revolutionizing the tech landscape for a limitless tomorrow.

2 months ago

In an op-ed for the Economy Middle East, Omar Saheb, the regional senior director and head of marketing & online business at Samsung MENA, highlights the growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s society. He emphasizes that AI has transitioned from a buzzword to a foundational technology that is redefining user experiences and driving innovation. Saheb notes that AI is seamlessly integrated into various digital platforms, enhancing user interactions and personalizing digital content. He points to the UAE as an example of a country that has recognized the strategic importance of AI and has made significant efforts to integrate it into its national framework, such as establishing the world’s first Ministry of Artificial Intelligence. Saheb also highlights the transformative power of AI, explaining how it is driving advancements in sustainability by enabling companies to develop smarter, energy-efficient solutions. He specifically mentions Samsung’s SmartThings app, which helps users connect and control multiple smart home devices, and its “AI Energy Mode” that monitors variables to minimize energy consumption. Saheb emphasizes the importance of security and privacy in AI technology, with tech companies like Samsung prioritizing user choice and control over data usage in their AI-integrated products and services. Finally, Saheb emphasizes the significance of collaboration among technology companies, academic institutions, and policymakers in advancing AI. He cites partnerships, such as Samsung’s collaboration with Google to bring AI features to its Galaxy S24 series, as crucial for delivering unique user experiences. Saheb concludes by expressing excitement for the future of AI and its potential to improve lives by breaking barriers, improving productivity, and providing access to new lifestyles.