Today: Jun 14, 2024

AI healthcare: Moderna CIO rocks transformative role at CES 2024

5 months ago

CES 2024 featured the theme “AI in Everything,” which showcased the transformative role of AI in various industries. One sector that demonstrated the potential of AI was the medical field, with pharmaceutical company Moderna leading the charge. Moderna’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Brad Miller, highlighted the integration of AI with the medical industry, emphasizing its critical role in revolutionizing drug development and healthcare.

Moderna utilized AI to accelerate the development of its COVID-19 vaccine, completing the process in just 42 days. Traditionally, vaccine development requires multiple stages of testing and assessment before market entry. However, AI streamlined these processes, making them more efficient and adaptable to emerging health challenges. AI is also used by Moderna in synthesizing and analyzing vast data sets, generating reports on immunogenicity and toxicity. This aids in regulatory communication and decision-making for patient care.

Despite being a healthcare company, Moderna operates more like a digital IT company, as it has employed AI and digital capabilities since its inception. Miller anticipates a shift towards personalized healthcare and consumer-centric approach in the industry. Moderna has internally established “M Chat,” a generative AI tool that has transformed existing workflows by centralizing data and promoting conversations. Miller believes that generative AI allows individuals to rethink concepts and bring about paradigm shifts.