Today: Jun 14, 2024

AI Carries Kimchi into the Future, Leaving No Room for Errors

5 months ago

Korean kimchi makers are turning to AI for quality control as the popularity of Korean cultural exports grows and export demand for kimchi rises. Previously, kimchi production has relied on human quality control, which can be subjective and slow. However, the World Institute of Kimchi (WiKim) has successfully developed an AI model for quality control, in collaboration with a domestic AI developer and a digital education consulting firm. The AI model analyses data collected from various stages of kimchi making, using images to determine sweetness, saltiness, and fermentation levels. This enables efficient and precise quality checks for kimchi production. The use of AI for quality control is expected to enhance Korea’s kimchi industry, which has traditionally lacked concrete standards for quality assessment. Additionally, the dwindling workforce in Korea, due to an ageing population, has posed challenges for the industry. The adoption of AI technology will help improve production efficiency and ensure consistent high quality for exported kimchi.