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Adobe-Figma split, not a forecast for startup M&A future.

6 months ago
  • TechCrunch is part of the Yahoo family of brands, which also includes AOL and Yahoo’s digital advertising service.
  • When interacting with their brands, cookies and similar technologies are used for various purposes such as security measures, user authentication, spam and abuse prevention, and for user experiences measurement.
  • TechCrunch and its partners make use of personal data provided by users, such as IP address, location, and browsing and search data, to create personalized ads and content, measure the effectiveness of these, and develop better products and services.
  • Users have the choice to accept all cookies and personal data usage, reject all, or customize their privacy settings. The changes can be made at any time.

TechCrunch is a member of the Yahoo family of brands, boasting an expansive span of owned and operated sites and applications, including major brands like Yahoo and AOL, as well as their digital advertising arm, Yahoo Advertising. Navigating these sites and interacting with their apps facilitates the use of cookies (and similar technologies such as web storage) which serve multiple functions.

These cookies, which work through storing and reading information from the user’s device, primarily aim to provide the sites and applications to the user in a secure environment. This is achieved via user authentication as well as applying various security measures. They also work to prevent spam and abuse, enhancing the overall user experience and safety of the platform.

Besides providing security, these cookies play a crucial role in measuring the usage of the sites and apps. TechCrunch and its partners, including 242 who are a part of the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework, make use of the personal data shared by the users for multiple purposes.

This data, which includes the user’s IP address, precise location, browsing and search data, aids in the display of personalized ads and content relevant to the users. It also helps measure the effectiveness of these tailored ads and content, consequently aiding the development and improvement of products and services provided by TechCrunch and its partners.

While cookies provide substantial benefits to both the providers and users, the control ultimately lies with the user. One can either accept all cookies and the usage of their personal data, reject all or customize their privacy settings as per their preference. These changes can be made anytime through the ‘Privacy & Cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy Dashboard’ links provided on their apps and sites. Further information about data usage is provided in their privacy policy and cookie policy.