Today: Apr 17, 2024

7Sigma revolutionizes NOC360 with groundbreaking AI technology.

2 months ago

TLDR: 7Sigma Systems has announced the launch of an AI layer for its NOC360 software platform. The addition of AI capabilities, made possible by the data integration capabilities of NOC360, allows ISPs and carriers to optimize operations and improve customer experiences. This groundbreaking innovation enables real-time subscriber and network insights and offers benefits including shorter call times, reduced training times, proactive threat detection, and personalized subscriber insights.

7Sigma Systems has introduced an AI layer for its NOC360 software platform, making it the first company in the industry to provide AI capabilities specifically designed for ISPs and carriers. The AI layer leverages the data integration capabilities of NOC360 to analyze vast amounts of information with high accuracy and speed. It provides real-time insights that were previously unobtainable.

The new AI layer for NOC360 brings numerous benefits for ISPs and carriers. It enables up to 70% shorter subscriber call times and significantly reduces customer service representative training times. The AI layer also offers proactive threat detection, personalized subscriber insights, intelligent network optimization, real-time anomaly detection, and improved availability.

The AI layer will be released as part of 7Sigma’s Future Labs and integrated into the NOC360 software. This revolutionary innovation allows ISPs and carriers to unlock the full potential of their networks and deliver exceptional value to their subscribers.

Frank Kaim, CEO of 7Sigma Systems, expressed his excitement about the AI feature’s potential to improve carrier organizations’ efficiencies. He emphasized that the AI layer is just the beginning, as the company will continue to build and improve on this innovation.