Today: Jun 14, 2024

2024: Watch EB Systems! Mainstream adoption at major KC events.

5 months ago

EB Systems, a Kansas City startup, is developing electronic beacon technology that aims to transform the way events, businesses, and cities connect with and learn from crowds. The company uses mobile apps, wearable Bluetooth devices, and proximity-based sensors to create real-time location, reporting, and alerting systems. Notable events where EB Systems has utilized its technology include the NFL Draft and the Chicago Marathon. The company has gained traction in the market, with customers excited about the ability to quantify crowd flow and engagement without infringing on privacy. EB Systems plans to expand its presence at major events across Kansas City and beyond in 2024, including at the CES conference in Las Vegas and the Copa America games. The company also aims to build partnerships locally and continue to develop its proximity-based engagement features.