Today: Jun 14, 2024

2024 Methodology: Discover Canada’s Top Startup Employers!

5 months ago

Forbes has announced that they will be expanding their ranking of the best startup employers to include Canada. In partnership with market research firm Statista, the list will identify the top startup employers in Canada based on criteria such as employer reputation, employee satisfaction, and growth. The companies on the list must be based in Canada, have at least 10 employees, and have been founded between 2014 and 2021.

Statista first identified a shortlist of 1,500 companies to evaluate for the ranking. They searched articles, blogs, and social media posts about each company to assess employer reputation, looking for phrases such as “corporate culture” and “employee engagement”. Employee satisfaction was measured through research of employee retention and online reviews, as well as exploring the companies’ websites for information on employee offerings. Growth was evaluated through website traffic, headcounts, and job listings.

After tallying all the data points into a scoring model, the list of the top 200 startup employers in Canada will be unveiled on January 10. It is important to note that companies do not pay any fees to be considered for the list. The expansion of this ranking to include Canada provides a valuable resource for job candidates and companies looking to learn more about the startup landscape in the country.