Today: Jul 22, 2024

“2023’s Hottest Startup: BIO INX Takes the Crown!”

7 months ago

In 2023, Belgian startup BIO INX was named the Startup of the Year by 3Dnatives. The company specializes in the development of bioinks for various 3D printing technologies, with a focus on producing materials for bioprinting. Bioprinting of organs and tissues is an area of growing interest in the medical field, and BIO INX is dedicated to creating bioinks that can accurately reproduce human tissue. The startup has received international recognition for its work and its innovative approaches to biomanufacturing. In the future, BIO INX hopes to contribute to the further development of 3D printed organs and tissues and is optimistic about the potential for growth in the 3D bioprinting market. Other notable startups in the competition included French startup Poolp and Italian startup ONEBra. These companies, along with BIO INX, are driving forces in the additive manufacturing industry and are expected to make significant contributions to the field in the coming years. Overall, 2023 was a year of exciting developments and advancements in the additive manufacturing market, and BIO INX emerged as a standout startup in this rapidly growing industry.