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2023 Tech Layoffs: Your Ultimate Guide

4 months ago

Key Points:

  • TechCrunch is part of the Yahoo family of brands along with digital sites and apps including Yahoo and AOL.
  • The company uses Cookies to provide and improve its sites and apps while enhancing security and user authentication measures.
  • TechCrunch and its partners may also use cookies and personal data to personalize ads and content, and analyze their effectiveness.
  • Users have the freedom to manage their privacy settings, reject all or accept all, and can change their choices at any time.

TechCrunch, a member of the Yahoo family of brands, uses Cookies to enhance user experiences on all their sites and apps which include big names like Yahoo and AOL. This technology allows them to store and read information from devices to provide a user-friendly experience. Their usage of Cookies extends to important roles such as user authentication, applying security measures, and preventing spam and abuse. This keeps the sites and apps safe and secure while ensuring they function optimally to provide the desired services.

However, the use of Cookies does not stop there. TechCrunch and its partners also utilize cookies and personal data such as IP addresses, precise location, and browsing and search data. This is done primarily to personalize and display ads and content based on interest profiles. The approach helps them measure the effectiveness of these personalized ads and contents resulting in more tailored user experiences.

In consideration of privacy concerns, TechCrunch provides its users with the option to manage what information is used. Users can ‘Reject all’ use of cookies and personal data for additional purposes, ‘Accept all’ or opt to ‘Manage privacy settings’. This freedom ensures users can determine the extent to which their information is used while engaging with the sites and applications. Furthermore, users also have the ability to change these choices at any time. These settings can be accessed through the ‘Privacy & cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy dashboard’ links found on the sites and applications.

To learn more about how the company manages personal data, TechCrunch encourages users to explore their privacy policy and cookie policy.