Today: Jul 20, 2024

2023 Tech Layoff Rundown: Every Detail You Need to Know

7 months ago

Yahoo family of brands, including TechCrunch, AOL and the digital advertising service, Yahoo Advertising, utilise a range of website and app operating technologies, such as cookies, to enhance user experience and services. These technologies collect and store information on the user’s device to improve navigation, authenticate users, implement security measures, limit spam and monitor site usage.

  • When users select the ‘Accept all’ option, Yahoo and its partners, 241 of which are aligned with the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework, are able to gather and employ users’ personal details like IP address and browsing data. These details are used to create tailored ads, measure their success, and drive the refinement and development of products and services.
  • Should users prefer their personal details not to be used for these additional purposes, this can be accomplished by selecting ‘Reject all’. The ‘Manage privacy settings’ feature also allows users to adjust their preferences at any time.
  • This data collection process and its related uses are covered under the terms outlined in Yahoo’s privacy and cookie policies.

The company’s transparency about its use of cookies and similar technologies acts as a demonstration of its commitment to creating an open dialogue about data privacy with its users. It also affords users the ability to tailor their privacy settings to suit their individual needs, thus empowering them to take control of their personal data and its uses.

This announcement, aside from increasing awareness about Yahoo’s data collection practices, serves as a reminder to the users about the control they have over their own data and how it is managed, even on large platforms such as Yahoo’s platforms. It stands as a testament of Yahoo’s efforts to foster a deep-rooted culture of trust and open exchange with its users in relation to their digital privacy.