Today: Jul 22, 2024

2 Female Founders Raise $2.5M for Their Startup – Learn How!

7 months ago

In a recent article on HerMoney, two female founders shared their experience of raising $2.5 million in funding for their startup and provided advice for other female entrepreneurs. The founders, who run a whipped cream company called Whipnotic, acknowledged the challenges that female founders face in securing funding, as statistics show that only a small percentage of venture capital funding goes to female founders. They shared three guiding principles that they believe can help female founders succeed in fundraising: think big but act with laser focus, allow yourself one “Superbowl” opportunity per year, and trust your network.

The founders acknowledged that entrepreneurs are always in a rush to achieve success, but they emphasized the importance of focusing on small steps that can maximize returns in the early stages of a business. They also encouraged female founders to take one affordable yet creative stretch opportunity each year that could elevate their brand to new heights. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of building a strong network and leveraging past experience to establish credibility with investors.

The founders concluded their article by stating that female founders must surround themselves with supportive and motivating people and not equate their self-worth with their business’s valuation. They emphasized the need for female entrepreneurs to continue fundraising and pursue their vision.